As a RARE u.s FORMER diplomatic AND MILITARY family bread and buttered by the tragedies that have so often plagued african american and low income households with being single-parent raised children exposed to high crime and early jail and death environments.  these two BRANCHEs in the BRAGGS FAMILY FORM THE foundation of the braggs line of family THAT EXISTS AS the bloodline that were called by the NATIONS TO GO into hostile american evacuated environments into the middle east TO SERVE THROUGH DIPLOMATIC DIPLOMACY AND MILITARY ASSIGNMENT- IN ADDITION TO SERVING IN STRONG AREAS OF FINANCE THROUGH BANKING SERVICES, AND THROUGH EDUCATION THROUGH UNIVERSITIES SUPPORTING NATIONS IN AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CURRENTLY IN NEW YORK.  HAVING SERVED SUPPORT FOR CAMPUSES BOTH DOMESTIC AND ABROAD. COUNSEL IN THE AREAS OF LEADERSHIP, MENTAL HEALTH, STRATEGY, FINANCE, FOCUS, AND PROBLEM SOLVING.  thEIR OVERSEAS MIDDLE EAST government appointed assignment was both a dual and dependent assigned assignment when all other u.s. american families were BEING evacuated by the united states government under official government orders.  Being hands on in the office and in the community is a staple of this Branch of THE BRAGGS FAMILY. They only have known to get it done.  TASKED WITH NOT ONLY MENTAL AND PHYSICAL, BUT ALSO IN SPIRITUAL AND ETHICAL: an ordinary family FROM A LOW-ORDINARY BACKGROUND that has evolved to do extraordinary things ASIDE the most ordinary and extraordinary peopleS & nations.  everyone has a story.  THIS just begins aS A peek into A PAGE OF ours.  with every family office being as different and independent and unique as a fingerprint, we make no exception or apologies into claiming this fabric and identity that is so much IN EVERY RIGHT ours.